About school


Our  hockey school is suitable for boys and girls born in or after 2004.

Camps will be held at the ice rink in the town of Púchov.

The main idea of our hockey school is to focus on the systematic work with children and  improve their individual gaming ability.
The priority of our training is to find weaknesses of each player and focus on their removal.
Our coaches are able to follow the child while playing the game and compose  the practise suitable to childs needs.


For the child to become a good hockey player, there must exist interaction between mind and the body.

We offer everything that is important for the development  and growth of the young hockey player (not only physically but mentaly too) kids wil be able to chat to a mental coach, they will have a weightlifting  workout with professional trainer,they will learn stretching.

We will learn modern training methods (powerskating, stickhandling, balance  pediatrics) that children learn different methods that are used in modern hockey, improve their work with puck and also improve their shooting at the gate.

There is a lecture for parents ready to talk about eating habits at home and teach children to healthy nutrition, which is very important for their age.

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