Lecture about healthy diet

Healthy diet is very important as it seems...

The composition of the diet is very important, but also it is important to realise that there is difference in diet for children who do a sport and adult top athletes.

For all athletes there are some general principles and rules, and by respecting and by adopting these rules, athletes  can improve their overall health, which in turn has a positive impact on mental health and wellbeing during the matches.

It is necessary to get kids started ( of course with help of parents ) to create some eating habits and begin to get used to them which has a big influence on their further development in hockey.

Therefore we have prepared for you ( parents ) a lecture about healthy diet with dietician.

Video of lecture about healthy diet you can see here.


Stretching as a part of the training is nowadays underestimated. Coaches and athletes pay only a little attention to stretching in the sporting programme or don’t include it at all. Stretching provides a preventive protection against injuries to the support and musculoskeletal system in top and recreational sport. In addition to prevention, it is a powerful way to avoid injuries. Stretching directly affects the quality of athletics performance and affects the flexibility and mobility.

Therefore, children will learn how to stretch properly under the supervision is an expert.

Video of lecture about stretching you can see here.


Under the supervision of professional weightlifting coach children will learn exercises that are necessary for the development of dynamic power, children will learn the technique of strengthening the major muscle groups suitable for their ages.

Video of lecture about weightlifting you can see here.

Mental coach

Coach will help children to acquire mental skills, which are necessary for achievement of maximum performance. It will be the inspiring, creative and fun process, that will inspire  the children to maximize their sporting and personal potential.

Video of lecture about mental coaching you can see here.

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